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Loft Jr. Critic Review of Ballet 422

I went into this movie with my friends from Ballet Arts. I was very excited! By the end, my feelings didn’t change a bit.

Ballet 422, although a documentary, is a very artistic film. The cinematography is gorgeous and I could smell the talent in the air. Justin Peck, the choreographer, did an amazing job of putting the needs of the dancers into the piece to help them shine. The detail put into it was amazing. Some of the film’s many qualities are, it showed excellent progress, it all seemed very real, and the length – it was perfect, not too long nor too short. I could tell that they did an extremely good job at editing.

My fellow dance colleague Anna said, “It made me feel like I was one of the dancers.” I couldn’t help but agree.

Over all Ballet 422 was a stupendous movie. Everyone should see the magic at work!

Reviewed by Ursula Denholm, daughter of Loft Director of Theatre Operations Jason Denholm