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70MM is coming to The Loft Cinema!


The Loft is proud to announce that in early December we will upgrade our film projection capabilities. While most of our presentations are now digital, we have maintained a strong commitment to projecting 35mm film whenever possible. But as film prints become rarer, the list of films we are able to project on 35mm is getting smaller. On December 7th, The Loft will begin to install a dual Norelco DP75 system, which will allow us new access to entire libraries of 35mm films and archival prints.

Christopher Nolan on 70mm: “To me, it’s just a superior form.”

In addition, we are incredibly excited to announce that we’re bringing 70mm technology back to Tucson! We know that once you see the difference between 70mm and all other formats, you’ll wish you could see every film this way — with over three times the level of detail in 35mm and about double the detail of 4K digital, this is truly the ideal filmgoing experience. We’ll kick off with a special screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey on January 2, followed by Lawrence of Arabia in February, and The Wild Bunch on March 19.

Sadly, we are not going to get to screen The Hateful Eight when it premieres in December but we hope to bring you the 70mm roadshow version of the film some time in 2016.