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City High Film Club review of The Miseducation of Cameron Post


The Miseducation of Cameron Post is an equal mix of heartwarming and heartbreaking storytelling. On the one hand, there is the satirical depiction of Christian conversation therapy; the 90s-themed “Blessercise” exercise tape some of the girls in the camp were allowed to use, the kooky roommate, the group therapy exercise where kids would discuss how having too much (or too little) sports in their lives made them gay or trans, and the bonding Cameron finds with some of the other misfit campers, bringing an authentic sense of family and support (and a touch of comedic relief) into a hard scenario. The supporting characters are all engaging, but the lack of depth in their back stories is a missed opportunity in favor of sticking to Cameron’s personal struggles as the film’s focus.  And then there is the depiction of the impossible task itself – the horrifying reality of conversation therapy; the forced self-hate, and the emotional abuse brought onto kids who are just trying to be true to themselves. This movie showcases this dichotomy with some very convincing teen dialogue, plenty of beautiful cinematography (the camp is nestled in the hills of upstate New York), and is artfully edited when we are being shot back into a character’s memories. Overall, this is an effective and emotional depiction of Cameron’s story, and is highly recommended.

Tala McKenna-Johnson
Senior, City High School
Tucson, Arizona