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Fellini Series

All through the month of May, The Loft celebrates the maestro of Italian cinema, Federico Fellini, with special screenings of seven of his greatest, most iconic and most “Fellini-esque” films. One of the most fabulously creative, often imitated and idiosyncratic artists of the 20th century, Fellini remains in a category all his own, godfather to a carnival-esque gallery of prostitutes, strongmen, film directors,

“I have invented myself entirely … a childhood, a personality, longings, dreams and memories, all in order to enable me to tell them.”

Federico Fellini

vaudevillians and clowns, who share a sympathetic bond with each other against the often cruel and unfeeling “civilized” world outside of theirs (and Fellini’s). Visually dazzling and thematically provocative, his greatest works, including 8 1/2, La Dolce Vita, Amarcord and La Strada (among many others) seem to spring from an almost unbridled imagination, but one which is connected to a profound understanding of the human experience. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to experience Fellini’s magical classics on the big screen!