Signature Series



FILMS OF 1972:  Celebrating 50 Golden Years of The Loft Cinema!

In 2022, The Loft Cinema celebrates its Golden 50th Anniversary with a year-long series of classic films from 1972!   Each month, we’re showcasing a different film from The Loft’s birth year, presented on the big screen for that uniquely “Lofty” theatrical experience!   From international arthouse hits to Hollywood blockbusters, these are just some of the films that made audiences fall in love with the magic of the movies back in 1972, and The Loft Cinema was there to bring that magic to Southern Arizona!

Even more iconic 1972 films, including Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather and John Waters’ Pink Flamingos, will be added to the line-up when they become available, so grab some popcorn, settle back in your seat, and get ready to flashback to that golden year when The Loft Cinema first fired up its projector and lit up its screen with some of the greatest films of all time!