Monthly Feature

The Films of 1939


All through December we’re celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Greatest Year in Hollywood History with special screenings of some of the most beloved classics from that golden year of 1939! It was a significant year in world history, with Hitler invading Poland, the Great Depression at last lifting and Franklin D. Roosevelt, halfway through his presidency, reaching new heights of popularity. And, because of the unprecedented number of outstanding films produced that year – more than any year before or since, most would agree – 1939 has become known as The Greatest Year in Hollywood History. The full flowering of the studio system and an influx of incredible cinematic talent from Europe are two theories that have been advanced to help explain this watershed moment in Hollywood history, but whatever the cause, the embarrassment of movie riches in 1939 gave birth to so many all-time classics that the concept of “popular art” in film wasn’t just a lofty ideal in that golden year, it was a reality. All-star casts! Lavish budgets! Great scripts! Iconic moments! They don’t make them like this anymore, but during December, you can experience some of the greatest film from 1939 on the big screen here at The Loft!