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The Films of Bill Murray


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One of our most unique and beloved living comedians, Bill Murray is currently four decades deep into a prolific, eclectic and always unpredictable career in the comedy biz.

“I’m a nut, but not just a nut.” – Bill Murray

In the ’70s, his off-kilter charm first exploded on the stage and television as he bounced from comedy institution to comedy institution (Second City, National Lampoon, Saturday Night Live), before becoming a major movie star in the ’80s (Caddyshack, Stripes, Ghostbusters), and settling into a quieter phase of his career as a revered, Oscar-nominated comedy veteran in the late ’90s, popping up in wide range of roles, many blending the funny with the serious, in an eclectic array of movies and genres (Lost in Translation, Rushmore, Zombieland). Throughout it all, the “Murray Mystique” has grown to epic proportions (where will he pop up next … at your neighbor’s birthday party???), and the man himself has maintained a healthy contempt for the phoniness of the showbiz world around him, always coming off as his own inimitably sardonic and wisecracking self. All throughout July, The Loft Cinema proudly salutes American Comedy Institution Bill Murray with a sampling of some of his best, most hilarious and most Murrary-esque cinematic offerings.