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The Films of David Lynch (Part Two)


Every Wednesday in September at 7:00pm | Regular Admission Prices

Over the course of his more than 40 year career, David Lynch has secured his place as one of the most creative and fascinating film artists of our time, conjuring up some of the most beautiful, disturbing and head-scratching moments ever seen on screen.

“I don’t think that people accept the fact that life doesn’t make sense.”– David Lynch

From his early experimental shorts of the 1960s, to his groundbreaking television series Twin Peaks (1990), and through his most recent feature film, Inland Empire (2006), Lynch has boldly reshaped the boundaries of cinematic storytelling, in the process creating a highly-distinctive, immediately-recognizable signature body of work (rare is the director whose name alone can call forth such specific and evocative images out of the movie ether as does Lynch’s) that has continually enthralled, mystified and provoked viewers. Blazing onto the movie landscape with his debut feature film Eraserhead in 1977, Lynch firmly established himself as one of the most original and unpredictable directors at work in contemporary cinema, and over the course of his career (which also incorporates painting, photography, sculpture and music) he has artfully explored a personal vision that embraces the thrilling mysteries of the subconscious and the pleasure in giving oneself over to the cinematic experience of “another world.” Beautiful, absurd, hilarious and unsettling, the films of David Lynch are one-of-a-kind, and The Loft Cinema is proud to present five of the director’s feature films in this second half of our two part series that’s guaranteed to be “wild and heart and weird on top.”