13 Ghosts

Wednesday, June 3 at 7:00pm | Regular admission prices | 35mm print!

Presented in thrilling, chilling ILLUSION-O! Each patron will be supplied with a special “Ghost Viewer” to see all 13 Ghosts. You won’t believe your eyes!

Part of our month-long series Summer Camp presents: The Films of William Castle. Every Wednesday in June – each film will be presented with its original exhibition gimmick! Click here for the schedule.

William Castle’s terrifically entertaining spook-fest 13 Ghosts managed to one-up the 3D craze of the 1950s (well, sort of) with the wonderfully wacky exhibition gimmick, Illusion-O!

“A campy fright flick that offers up plenty of chills and chuckles.” – Leonard Maltin

Cyrus Zorba and his family inherit a mansion from his deceased uncle, Dr. Plato Zorba, noted scholar of the occult. But as luck would have it, the place is full of ghosts, a dozen in fact, with designs on adding one more. But there’s buried treasure to be found there, if the Zorba family can safely navigate the household’s ghostly gauntlet. Luckily, their late uncle left them ghost-viewing goggles, which Castle also provided to the audience as cardboard red-and-blue-lensed, dual-purpose ghost viewers/ghost blockers equipped with the new Illusion-O process — depending on their level of bravery, audiences could either see or block out the terrifying images of the blue-tinged ghosts on screen. Featuring an unforgettable performance by The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West, Margaret Hamilton, as a spooky housekeeper, and a gaggle of goofy ghosts including Emilio the Mad Chef, an angry ghost lion and a cranky floating head, 13 Ghosts become one of Castle’s biggest hits, and while Illusion-O was never used in another film, it sure made being scared a whole lot of fun! (Dir. by William Castle, 1960, USA, 85 mins., Not Rated)