2019: After the Fall of New York


It’s MONDO ITALIANO MONTH at Monday Mondays, featuring a hilarious heaping helping of bad movie pasta from Italy, served up with an extra sprinkling of cheese!

“In the year 2019, the future depends one man!” In the far-flung future of 2019, nuclear war has rendered the entire human race sterile, so naturally it’s up to a Bon Jovi-esque mercenary to infiltrate the deadly ruins of New York City to rescue the last fertile woman on Earth so she can re-populate the world in this seriously demented slice of Italian post-apocalyptic junk that manages to rip-off The Road Warrior, Escape from New York AND The Planet of the Apes all at the same time!

“Fast-paced, bloody and loveably weird, this is a great time from start to finish.” – Mondo Digital

In this delightfully weird action flick from director Sergio Martino (Hands of Steel), two decades after a nuclear apocalypse, the skies are cloudy and dark, trumpet music fills the air, and misery is inflicted by the EURAC monarchy which caused the conflagration. New York City is now a violent wasteland still wracked with radiation and deformed creatures, and no children have been born anywhere in years. The President of the Pan-American Federation learns that the only woman capable of bearing a child is being held inside the city (and would be perfect to kick start the human race in Alaska), so for the future of humanity, he decides to send headband-loving, shaggy-haired Nevada car racer Parsifal (Michael Sopkiw, Devil Fish) in to rescue her – against his will, a la Snake Plisskin. After infiltrating the city sewers with his buddies Ratchet and Bronx, he encounters numerous oddities including torture via medical experimentation, a hairy ape man dressed like Genghis Khan, violent she-warriors, various ugly mutants, and lots of mayhem involving flamethrowers, knights on horseback and a pounding synthesizer score. (Dir. by Sergio Martino, 1983, Italy, badly dubbed in English, 96 mins., Rated R)

Mondo Mondays RAFFLE 2018

VH-YES! Each month at Mondo Mondays in 2018 we’ll be holding a free raffle for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind prize: an old-school VHS case with original Mondo Mondays cover art designed by Tucson artist Ben Mackey! There’ll be new cover art every month, and each case will include a fabulous mystery VHS tape! Collect ‘em all! You must attend EVERY Mondo movie of the month in order to enter, and only one lucky winner will be selected at the final screening of each month. A special punch card will be provided to keep track of your attendance. And remember … please be kind and rewind.