28 Days Later


Animal rights activists inadvertently trigger the zombie apocalypse in Danny Boyle’s nightmarish sci-fi horror flick 28 Days Later. In the very near future, a group of radicals free several infected lab test chimpanzees, accidentally releasing a deadly virus called “The Rage” that turns its victims into super-fast, blood-thirsty psychotics. 28 days later, a young bicycle courier named Jim (Cillian Murphy) awakens from a coma in a deserted London hospital and takes to the strangely deserted city streets in a state of mystified confusion. Joining forces with a small band of survivors following a terrifying encounter in a seemingly abandoned church, Jim soon learns the truth behind the empty streets and the menacing creatures that lurk in the shadows – in the days following the initial outbreak, the entire population was nearly wiped out by the zombie-like “infected,” and the remaining city residents must now avoid the contagion and battle their way to a safe military zone. The only problem is, it looks like the surviving military leaders may be just as deadly as the Rage-infected zombies! Is there still a glimmer of hope for humanity – of has the deadly plague found its way to foreign shores and “enraged” the entire planet? Tense, gruesome and chillingly plausible, 28 Days Later offers up a frighteningly modern twist on the classic zombie horror flick. (Dir.by Danny Boyle, 2002, UK, 113 mins., Rated R) 35mm