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Out Stealing Horses


Includes an exclusive post-film discussion between director Hans Petter Moland and star Stellan Skarsgår!

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“A hugely accomplished meditation on life, guilt and responsibility.” – Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

After losing his wife in a tragic accident, Trond (Stellan Skarsgård, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) desires to live out his remaining years in the Norwegian woods, far away from everyone. But as Trond prepares for a solitary winter in his new home, he comes across a neighbor… a man he knows from his past. Their brief conversation takes Trond right back to the summer of 1948, the year he turned 15. That summer, Trond spent months living with his father in a cabin in the woods. He fondly recalls cutting timber, exploring nature, and, as the title of this film suggests, stealing horses for joy rides from nearby farms. But not everything that happened that fateful summer makes for idyllic memories. As Trond’s story unfolds piece by piece, he relives the unspeakable sorrows and tragedies along with the joys and freedoms that came with the summer of ‘48. Based on the award-winning novel by Per Petterson of the same name, Out Stealing Horses is a heartbreaking, breathtaking, and beautiful coming-of-age film.(Dir. by Hans Petter Morland, 2019, Norway/Sweden/Denmark, in Norwegian/Swedish with English subtitles, 123 mins., Rated R)

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