A Hard Day’s Night / New 50th Anniversary Digital Restoration!


When the Beatles made their feature film debut 50 years ago, nobody expected much. The rock ’n’ roll musical had been around for a decade without producing many spectacular films. Luckily, A Hard Day’s Night changed all that! The madcap musical comedy burst onto movie screens in 1964, joyfully capturing all the fun, excitement, and unforgettable music of John, Paul, George, and Ringo at the height of Beatlemania, immediately rocketing the Fab Four to new heights of popularity and raising the bar for every rock musical which followed. Director Richard Lester melded his mastery of commercials with New Wave techniques in a kinetic, semi-documentary style that created something thrillingly new (and since endlessly imitated), along with Alun Owen’s witty screenplay in which scripted one-liners and the occasional ad-lib blend seamlessly, thanks, of course, to the exuberant, irreverent personalities of The Beatles themselves. Shot in seven weeks on a low-budget, A Hard Day’s Night is a zany romp through thirty-six hours in the lives of the Fab Four as they travel to London for a television appearance. As they prepare for their big TV gig, the boys perform their songs, look for adventure and try in vain to keep Paul’s mischief-making grandfather out of trouble … all while avoiding hordes of screaming fans! Packed with all-time Beatle favorites including “A Hard Day’s Night,” “All My Loving,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “I Should’ve Known Better,” “She Loves You” and “Tell Me Why,” this groundbreaking musical comedy is a treasured piece of rock history that remains influential to this day. To mark its 50th anniversary, A Hard Day’s Night is being re-released to cinemas in a stunning new digital restoration with a brand-new 5.1 sound mix completed at Apple Studios, ensuring that this “fab” classic will look and sound better than it has in ages. Yeah, yeah, yeah! (Dir. by Richard Lester, 1964, UK, 85 mins., Not Rated, Janus Films) Digital