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saturday, JULY 3 and tuesday, july 6 AT 8:00PM | REGULAR ADMISSION PRICES
TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY AND ARE AVAILABLE UP UNTIL ONE HOUR BEFORE SHOWTIME. Passes for this film can be redeemed at the theatre for any screening with available seats. You are encouraged to redeem your passes for tickets in advance.

This Open Air Cinema presentation will take place outdoors at The Loft Cinema, and seating is limited (sanitized chairs will be provided, or you can supply your own). Attendees at Open Air Cinema may remove masks only when seated; all interactions with staff and volunteers must be conducted while masked.

These Open Air Screenings will use individual audio transmission. Earphones will be available for purchase at each screening (for $1 each), but we recommend that you bring your own WIRED earphones or headphones to maximize your viewing experience. (Note: airpods, bluetooth, and other wireless headphones are NOT compatible with our system). For FAQS and info on our new audio transmission click here.

It’s a Science Fiction Summer as we unleash rowdy replicants, angry aliens and apocalyptic visions this week at Open Air Cinema! 

The film that helped introduce anime to Western audiences, the highly-influential cult classic Akira is a twisted dystopian parable of violence and rock-n-roll, Japanese style, based on the comic book by Katsuhiro Otomo.

“A towering achievement of imagination, often suggesting a weird expressionist blend of 2001, The Warriors, Blade Runner and Forbidden Planet.” – David Jenkins, Time Out 

Neo-Tokyo, 2019, and the city is being rebuilt after World War III. Kaneda and Tetsuo, two high school drop-outs, are members of a joy-riding motorcycle gang. One day, the aimless pals stumble upon a secret government project to develop telekinetic humans, apparently for use as weapons. The despotic authorities, the robot-like police, and even his own cycle gang eagerly pursue Tetsuo when he’s bombarded with a new, insidious energy source that has rendered him telekinetic. Soon, Tetsuo learns of the existence of his ‘peer’ Akira, the project’s most powerful subject, and sets out to challenge him in a final showdown. Highly imaginative, relentlessly violent and beautifully animated, Akira is a head-spinning trip into a dark and dangerous future. (Dir. by Katsuhiro Otomo, 1988, Japan, in Japanese with English subtitles, 124 mins., Rated R)