Alternate Histories of the World


Inspired by 1950s pop culture and science fiction flicks, Tucson native Matthew Buchholz has created Alternate Histories, a line of prints and cards that feature monsters, robots, and zombies rampaging through history. And to celebrate the publication of his new book Alternate Histories of the World, released by Penguin Press on October 1st, Buchholz has assembled a unique video program to be unleashed on The Loft’s big screen – a feature-length collection of sci-fi rarities and early film oddities. Robot monsters! Cardboard spaceships! Silent-era fascinations! It’s all here in the Alternate Histories of the World Video Program of Oddities, a fun, quirky collection of trailers, clips, music and more, introduced by Matthew Buchholz and followed by a book signing.
The new book contains a complete and comprehensive history of the world, from the early days of man and Vilnar the Destroyer, to the Zombie Black Plague of Europe and modern-day monsters and robots. With 196 pages of illustrations and photos, and extensive historical text to accompany each photograph, Alternate Histories of the World is a highly unique, highly entertaining look at history from a new (and slightly warped) perspective. Copies of the book will be available for sale at this event, courtesy of Antigone Books. (Program runtime: approximately 90 mins., Not Rated / Suitable for all ages) Digital