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American Woman


Following the disappearance of her teenage daughter, a woman must raise her infant grandson and find some answers, in this gripping, decade-spanning drama starring Sienna Miller, Christina Hendricks, Amy Madigan and Aaron Paul.

“A touching story with an amazing performance by Sienna Miller … the film shines because of how true it is to life.” – Arianne Binette, Weekly Spoon

Deb (Miller) was never shy about being the bad girl in her family. She had her daughter Bridget young, Bridget had her son Jesse young, and the three of them live a more or less happy life in their small Pennsylvania town. Then one night Bridget goes out with her old boyfriend — Jesse’s father — and never returns. Deb’s mother (Madigan) and sister (Hendricks) join the entire community in a thorough search, but to no avail.Time passes, the devastation eases little by little, and Deb moves on, raising Jesse on her own. She starts a new career and finds new love in Chris (Paul), a charismatic construction worker and musician. But just when her devastating loss seems far behind her, new truths come to light that change everything. Driven by a lived-in, emotionally-charged performance from Sienna Miller, American Woman is a riveting look at every parent’s worst nightmare, pulling viewers deep into the lives of these flawed but ordinary people. (Dir. by Jake Scott, 2019, UK/USA, 111 mins., Rated R)

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