An American Werewolf in London


This howlingly funny/scary horror classic from director John Landis (Animal House) feels just as clever and original as it did 37 years ago.

“One of the all-time great horror movies, a pitch-perfect mix of belly laughs and genuine scares.” – Rob Gonsalves,

It’s a rainy night on the Welsh moors. Jack (Griffin Dunne) and David (David Naughton), two American students on a walking tour of Europe, trudge on to the next town, when suddenly the air is pierced by an unearthly howl, and they’re attacked by a mysterious beast. While Jack is killed, the surviving David, who now has continuing nightmares of being a hairy, murderous fanged monster, as well as visions of his horribly mutilated pal Jack popping in for friendly chats, must put the pieces together and come to terms with what really happened that fateful night … the night he became An American Werewolf in London! A bizarrely effective mixture of genuine laughs and scares, featuring ground-breaking, Oscar-winning makeup effects by industry legend Rick Baker, this lycanthropic tale of terror is one of the pioneering films in the horror/comedy genre. I see a bad moon rising … (Dir. by John Landis, 1981, UK, 97 mins., Rated R)