And So It Goes / Presented by the New York Film Critics Series


The New York Film Critics Series screening for July will feature a special preview of the new romantic comedy And So it Goes, directed by Rob Reiner (The Princes Bride, When Harry Met Sally), and featuring the first-ever onscreen pairing of acclaimed actors Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton. In And So it Goes, a cranky, self-centered realtor (Douglas) enlists the help of his reluctant neighbor (Keaton) when he’s suddenly left in charge of the granddaughter he never knew existed until his estranged son drops her off at his home. Can the two highly-mismatched neighbors learn to overcome their differences in order to take care of this unexpected “bundle of joy, and maybe even find love in the process? (Dir. by Rob Reiner, 2014, USA, 100 mins., Rated PG-13, Clarius Entertainment) Digital

The New York Film Critics Series is the first-ever live national premiere screening series. It is dedicated to producing inspiring events in a collaborative environment and to nurturing the long-term success of better, smarter movies. Each NYFCS screening brings prestigious, live New York City screenings of soon-to-be-released films to the best independent cinemas in America. These screening events are moderated by Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers, and include a preview screening of a new film prior to its national release, interviews with talent from the film and special behind the scenes content. These screenings are scheduled to take place once a month and will happen approximately 12 times per year. Recent NYFCS premieres and live chats with directors/stars have included such films as Chef, Nebraska and American Hustle.