Andy Goldsworthy’s Rivers and Tides


Featuring a post-film panel discussion in partnership with the Sky Island Alliance, UA Water Resources Research Center, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson.

The critically acclaimed documentary Andy Goldsworthy’s Rivers and Tides is a vision of the natural world molded by currents, driftwood, ice, mud, leaves, and stones, and modified with human hands. A spectacular visual gallery of Goldsworthy’s relationship with nature, this artist painstakingly makes ephemeral sculptures built out of bits of ice in the trees or loose rock, which may be overgrown by plants or swallowed by high tides. His work melts, disintegrates, drifts away due to exposure of the elements of which they are comprised. Goldsworthy’s creations are intentionally mutable works, their temporary nature a part of the work. Filmmaker Thomas Reidelsheimer goes to great lengths to demonstrate Goldsworthy’s ideas about the forgotten relationships between light, color, movement, balance, and fluidity of form in nature, creating a surprising and enjoyable journey through art of the natural world.

“It has been a kind of privilege to see the world through this man’s eyes.” Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

This event and panel discussion is part of a larger series organized by the Sky Island Alliance and UA Water Resources Research Center. The Water Roots series is a celebration and study of water in the desert highlighting the unique ways that we value our most precious resource. Our region can build a water future that considers water for humans and nature – please join us for upcoming events, show your support, and share your water story: