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Annie (1982)

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Annie is fun … filled with energy, sumptuous production numbers and good-humored performances.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

The spectacular musical Annie tells the story of a plucky, red-haired girl who dreams of life outside her dreary orphanage. One day, Annie (Aileen Quinn) is chosen from her “Hard Knock Life” to stay for one week with the famous billionaire “Daddy” Warbucks (Albert Finney). One week turns into many and the only person standing in the way of Annie’s fun and her best shot at living in a happy home is Miss Hannigan, the cranky ruler of the orphanage (played to hilarious perfection by Carol Burnett). Will Miss Hannigan’s attempts to kidnap the irrepressible Annie, with the help of her no-good brother Rooster (Tim Curry) and his dastardly gal pal Lily St. Regis (Bernadette Peters), succeed?  Or will Annie beat the bad guys, find a permanent home and keep on singing “Tomorrow?” (Dir. by John Huston, 1982, USA, 128 mins., mins., Rated PG)