Ass Backwards


Kate (June Diane Raphael, Bachleoette) and Chloe (Casey Wilson, Saturday Night Live) have been best friends since childhood, when they both tied for dead last in their hometown beauty pageant. Now they are all grown up and living in New York City, where Chloe works as a “girl in a box” at a nightclub and Kate is a CEO … of her own one-woman egg-donor “corporation.” Lost in delusion, they believe they are living large until their past humiliation returns to haunt them in the form of an invitation to the pageant’s milestone anniversary celebration. Determined to correct this past injustice, Kate and Chloe decide to take an ass backwards journey home to win the elusive crown and reclaim what (they think) was once rightfully theirs. Soon our dimwitted heroines are on a raucous and wacky road trip that takes them to a feminist wilderness commune, an amateur strip club competition and an uncomfortably eventful stay in a small town jail, where they happen to meet their favorite reality TV star. Will this not-so-dynamic duo ever make it to the pageant, and if they do, will anyone even notice? Co-stars/co-writers June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson (both alumni of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade) bring a laugh-out-loud chemistry to the increasingly absurd proceedings, and their brand of stiletto-clad physical comedy (a raunchy updating of the Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion formula) brings a hilariously unique charm to the female buddy movie genre. (Dir. by Chris Nelson, 2013, USA, 83 mins., Not Rated, Gravitas Ventures) Digital