Attack of the Crab Monsters

Attack of the Crab Monsters


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Mondo Mondays celebrates the late, great King of the B’s, ROGER CORMAN, with a month-long movie menu featuring some of the legendary director/producer’s tastiest trash epics!  Thank you, Mr. Corman, for making the world so much more Mondo. 

“The only way to learn how to make a low-budget film is to make a low-budget film.” – Roger Corman

“From the Depths of the Sea … A Tidal Wave of Terror!” When giant telepathic crabs get their claws in a tizzy while trying to take over the world, it’s going to be a seafood buffet of terror for a group of befuddled scientists whose only hope for saving humanity is to find a VERY large vat of melted butter and about a million plastic bibs! One of a handful of shoestring budget genre flicks the young Roger Corman directed for Allied Artists in the 1950s, the hugely fun and surprisingly weird Attack of the Crab Monsters also happens to be one of Corman’s most beloved ‘50s monster movies. Frequent Corman collaborator Charles Griffith (Little Shop of Horrors) concocted the Crabby screenplay, which follows a group of scientists who find themselves marooned on a nuclear-affected island in the Pacific where they’ve been searching for the members of a previous expedition. The scientists soon learn that the missing group were eaten by giant mutated land crabs, and that these creatures have also absorbed their minds. The menacing crustaceans begin chowing down on this new set of guests, using telepathy to speak in the voices of the person they just devoured (!) to summon their next victim. And once they’re out of food, the chatty crabs plan to vacate the island and take over the world! Brilliantly cheesy, with amazing, googly-eyed talking papier-mâché crabs to haunt your dreams, this is a fishy blast of pure Corman B-movie goodness, starring Russell Johnson, aka the Professor from Gilligan’s Island! (Dir. by Roger Corman, 1957, USA, 65mins., Not Rated)

1 HR 5 MIN | NR

Released 1957
Attack of the Crab Monsters Trailer Trailer
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