Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


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If you don’t think Austin Powers is one of the funniest movies of the 1990s, maybe you should be packed into a cryogenic time chamber and sent back to the decade from whence you came! Welcome to the 1960s–the shagadelic decade when London hipster Austin Powers scored with gorgeous birds as a fashion photographer by day, crime-fighting international man of mystery by night. Yeah, baby, yeah! But when Powers’ arch nemesis, Dr. Evil, puts himself into a deep-freeze and travels via time machine to the late 1990s, Powers must follow him and foil Evil’s nefarious plans for global domination.  But first, this time-warped swinger must get hip quick and discover that there’s no free love in the ‘90s!  Mike Myers plays dual roles as Powers and Dr. Evil, with Elizabeth Hurley as his present-day sidekick and karate-kicking paramour, Ms. Kensington.  A hilariously absurd, yet completely spot-on, spoof of groovy ’60s spy movies, this cracked comedy actually gets funnier with successive viewings, making for a far-out cult classic that will have you screaming, “Oh, behave!”  (Dir. by Jay Roach, 1997, USA, 89 mins., Rated PG-13)

1 HR 34 MIN | PG-13

Released 1997
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Trailer Trailer
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