This stylish, witty and utterly charming new musical romance from acclaimed writer/director Christophe Honoré (Dans Paris) is a glorious throwback to the celebrated musicals of French film legend Jacques Demy (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg).
In the freewheeling Paris of the ’60s, young Madeleine (Ludivine Sagnier) – who has gone from selling shoes to sleeping with men for money – falls for a handsome Czech doctor, Jaromil (Rasha Bukvic), who she soon marries and joins in Prague. A baby daughter is born, but Jaromil’s infidelities and the arrival of Russian tanks in Prague lead Madeleine back to France – though the love between them still burns. Thirty years later in London, we follow Madeleine’s daughter, Vera (Chiara Mastroianni), who has fallen in love with a musician (Paul Schneider) who is incapable of devoting himself to her, while her ex (Louis Garrel) still pines for her. Meanwhile, in Paris, a re-married Madeleine (now played by the legendary Catherine Deneuve) has rekindled her love affair with Jaromil (now played by Oscar-winning filmmaker Milos Forman).