With Greg Sestero in person!

The Entire Bloody Friendship: Best F(r)iends Volumes 1 & 2 Double Feature


Don’t miss the most twisted double feature of the year when New York Times-bestselling author and The Room star Greg Sestero (“Oh, Hi Mark!”) returns to The Loft Cinema for The Entire Bloody Friendship, featuring BOTH volumes of the new noir thriller, Best F(r)iends, co-starring Sestero and the one-and-only Tommy Wiseau! Volume Two was filmed in Tucson and features a cameo appearance by The Loft Cinema, so clearly, the Old Pueblo will never be the same! At this event, Sestero will introduce both Volumes, and will be joined by actress Kristen StephensonPino, who stars in both Volumes!

Best F(r)iends Volumes 1 and 2 are a pair of movies that need to be seen to be believed, outdoing even Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece The Room in terms of sheer insanity.  If you love The Room, you can’t afford to miss them.” – The Independent UK

Finally, the dynamic duo that is Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero has reunited for a dream project that will send fans of cult classic The Room into paroxyms of unabated joy once more, and send new fans onto a journey of unprecedented comedic madness. In VOLUME ONE of Best F(r)iends, Sestero plays Jon, an L.A. drifter who is taken in by a peculiar mortician named Harvey (Wiseau), and the two hatch an unusual yet increasingly lucrative underground enterprise based on the mortician’s old habits. But as the money rolls in, greed, hatred and jealousy start to poison their initially warm, if odd, relationship. Will these best f(r)iends survive the turning tide? (Dir. by Justin Macgregor, USA, 102 mins., Not Rated)

Picking up where the first volume left off, BEST F(R)IENDS: VOLUME 2 brings the saga to a satisfying close. Jon (Sestero) is on the run across the American Southwest, where he meets an array of wild and amazing characters and finds himself in ever-stranger situations…which go a long way in giving a better handle on the reality he’s fleeing. Of course there’s still one more encounter and one last reckoning to bring this strange journey full circle.

Building on the brilliant and indescribable energy of VOLUME 1, BEST F(R)IENDS: VOLUME 2 is the best of Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau distilled into pure ecstasy: charming, unexpected, dramatic, dark, and above all, endlessly entertaining (addictive). With this much-anticipated conclusion, the duo reaffirm their immense popularity once more, connecting with the audience in ways that most films will never manage. (Dir. by Justin Macgregor, USA, 93 mins., Not Rated)