Big Ass Spider!


The city of Los Angeles is in TROUBLE. A military defense experiment has gone off the rails, landing a hospital under tight quarantine as staff and soldiers struggle to contain a bio-engineered killer spider that moves with terrifying speed and agility, spews face-melting venom and grows at an alarming rate per hour. The body count builds. The quarantine holds (for a while). But that won’t stop what’s coming. Before you can say “Big Ass Spider!,” the city is faced with the daunting challenge of trying to exterminate a hungry, volatile and extremely unpredictable fifty-foot arachnid that may actually be from outer space. And it’s still growing. A down-on-his-luck exterminator and his bumbling security guard pal just might be humankind’s last hope. A wickedly fun horror/comedy that’s much more clever than its cheeky title implies, Big Ass Spider! combines the unhinged joy of 1950s creature features with the suspenseful goofiness of more recent creature classics like Tremors and Arachnophobia, and wraps it all up in a modern day monster mash package that really delivers the big screen goods thanks to a smart script, solid SFX and a healthy dose of genre self-awareness. Featuring a cult-savvy cast led by Greg Grunberg (Heroes), Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Ray Wise (Twin Peaks). (Dir. by Mike Mendez, 2013, USA, 85 mins., Rated R, Eammon Films) Digital