It’s big! It’s hairy! And it’s out of control! It’s BIGFOOT MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring a Sasquatch-sized collection of nutty flicks starring everyone’s favorite missing link!

“Bigfoot Breeds with Anything!” It’s saggy, baggy monster movie mayhem when a colony of goofy-looking Sasquatches in ill-fitting creature suits kidnap some bikini-clad women with whom they intend to breed, a low-rent biker gang tries to rescue them, and a pair of traveling salesmen hope to strike it rich by capturing one of the creatures!

“Bigfoot is a truly awful movie, combining a doofus storyline with shoddy production values and terrible acting, but it’s arresting in a fever-dream sort of way.” – Every ‘70s Movie

One of the very first “Bigfoot-sploitation” flicks, the ridiculous low-budget 1970 drive-in flick Bigfoot, which looks like it was filmed on condemned sets from Hee-Haw, throws in everything but the kitchen sink (Bikers! Go-Go Dancers! Rednecks! Hairy Rubber-Faced Monsters! John Carradine!) in an undeniably charming, but inescapably cheesy, attempt to entertain at all costs. Also known as Bigfoot Against the Biker Gang and King Kong’s Son (???), Bigfoot, in addition to horror legend John Carradine, also stars Joi Lansing (Hillbillies in a Haunted House), Jerry Maren (one of the original “Lollipop Guild” Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz) as a baby bigfoot, and not one, but TWO Mitchums – John Mitchum (Chisum), Robert Mitchum’s brother, and Christopher Mitchum (The One-Armed Executioner), Robert’s son. (Dir. by Robert F. Slatzer, 1970, USA, 84 mins., Rated PG)