30th Anniversary

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Double Feature!


Celebrate the 30th anniversary of America’s most supremely righteous dudes, Bill & Ted, with a totally non-non-non-non-non-heinous double feature of the 1989 comedy classic that taught us all about world history, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and the triumphant 1991 sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey! It’s high time to see what trouble’s afoot at the Circle-K, turn up the Maiden and party on, dudes!

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

History is about to be rewritten by two guys who can’t spell!  Bill S. Preston, Esq. (Alex Winter) and Ted “Theodore” Logan (Keanu Reeves) are high school seniors on the verge of failing history. Their only hope is to deliver an impressive final report on how people from the past would view the world today. 

“A nonstop giggle from start to finish, this beguiling grab-bag of time-travel clichés, hard-rock music and Valley-speaking cool dudes is a flawless junk movie.” – Alan Jones, Radio Times

Their success is also the only hope for the citizens of the future, who rely on the music of Bill and Ted’s rockin’ band, Wyld Stallyns, to fuel their idyllic society. That’s why Rufus (George Carlin) is sent back in time to help the guys pass history and keep the band together.  Using Rufus’ phone booth time machine, the two dazed and confused metal-heads kidnap a dream team of historical luminaries (including Napoleon, Socrates, Genghis Khan and Joan of Arc) in the world’s most epic phone booth stuffing stunt so they can speak at their presentation and help deliver a most excellent grade on their final and save the world! Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is dumb ‘80s comedy at its absolute most excellent – set in San Dimas, CA but shot in Phoenix, AZ, and filled to the brim with totally hilarious buddy chemistry between Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves. (Dir. by Stephen Herek, 1989, USA, 90 mins., Rated PG)

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Once, they made history. Now, they ARE history! With the time-space continuum conquered, Bill S. Preston, Esquire (Alex Winter) and Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) will take on death incarnate and even Satan himself when the evil De Nomolos decides to travel back in time to erase the most righteous San Dimas-based duo in the history of the world in this rampaging ruckus of aliens, evil Easter Bunnies, good “robots usses” … and non-good “robot usses!”

“In almost every respect, Bogus Journey is better than the original: more imaginative, more opulent, wilder and freer, more excitingly visualized.” – Michael Wilmington, Los Angeles Times

Replaced on Earth by bogus robot doubles, the real Bill & Ted must embark upon a most unwanted expedition – straight into Hell! Can they cheat death, save the world from evil, rescue some princesses and be back in time to win the “Battle of the Bands?” Or will their heinous metallic twins change the duo’s destiny forever? Originally intended to be titled Bill & Ted Go to Hell, this non-stop goof-a-thon is a radically mangulating excursion through the myriad impossibilities of 20th century comedy and a highly excellent sequel to the classic original. BANGARANG!  (Dir. by Peter Hewitt, USA, 1991, 93 mins., Rated PG)