Birthright: A War Story


Special thanks to our community partners for this screening, the ACLUPlanned ParenthoodNARAL Pro-Choice Arizona, and Tucson Abortion Support Collective.

Featuring a post-film panel discussion moderated by Monica Casper with Sandra Castro Solis, David Boyles and Maria Rodriguez

Birthright: A War Story, a real-life Handmaid’s Taleexamines how women are being jailed, physically violated and even put at risk of dying as a radical movement tightens its grip across America.

“A wake-up call for people on both sides of the argument.” – Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times

The acclaimed documentary tells the story of women who have become collateral damage in the aggressive campaign to take control of reproductive health care and to allow states, courts and religious doctrine to govern whether, when and how women will bear children. It explores the accelerating gains of the crusade to control pregnant women and the fallout that is creating a public health crisis, turning pregnant women into criminals and challenging the constitutional protections of every woman in America. (Dir. by Civia Tamarkin, 2017, USA, 105 mins., Not Rated) 

Sandra Castro Solis
Sandra Castro Solis is the Community Engagement Coordinator at the ACLU of Arizona, and has over 9-years experience working with immigrant, refugee, and farmworker communities. She’s worked with first generation students during her time teaching History in the Maricopa Community Colleges. In 2014, Sandra received her Master’s in Human Rights Studies-International Affairs from Columbia University. She was awarded the Corazon del Pueblo Human Rights Award in 2015

David Boyles
David Boyles teaches writing and rhetoric at Arizona State University and currently sits on the Board of Directors for Pro-Choice Arizona. He also works with Abortion Fund of Arizona, helping to coordinate social media, organizing, and advocacy.

Maria Rodriguez
You may have seen Maria facilitating community workshops in Spanish, English or Spanglish, focused on increasing adult-youth communication around sexuality, dating and healthy relationships. That is only part of Maria’s job as Planned Parenthood Arizona’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coordinator. Her current position entails working on an OAH grant with community partners to mobilize Southern Pima Co. towards recognizing, supporting and taking responsibility for valuing adolescent sexual health as an integral part of young people’s quality of life. A large part of that includes institutionalizing delivery of sex education to students in the Sunnyside Unified School District that works and respects all youth.  She’s passionate about systemic change through community building, equity in education and connecting people to resources that support them in living their best life.

She has over 10 years’ experience in the sexual and reproductive health field, both internationally and nationally; holds a BA in Psychology and Women’s Studies from George Mason University in Virginia, and is near completion of a Masters of Public Health with a minor in Anthropology from the University of Arizona.

Monica Casper
Casper is Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Inclusion and a Professor in the Gender and Women’s Studies Department and Public Health Department in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at The University of Arizona.