Bite Size


Four middle-schoolers from diverse backgrounds struggle with bullying, health challenges, and mixed messages from loved ones, in this sensitive and thought-provoking documentary on the obesity epidemic currently affecting one in three American children.

“A powerful documentary depicting obese kids’ struggles … thought-provoking and occasionally heartbreaking.” – Sandie Angulo Chen, Common Sense Media

Bite Size follows four young Americans from diverse backgrounds – Davion (12), Emily (13), Moy (11), and KeAnna (13) – as they deal with everyday struggles while also learning how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Facing both bullying and health-related challenges, the four protagonists look to their friends, family, educators, and even a specialized weight-loss school for help; however, their loved ones aren’t always ready to change their own long-established behaviors, and some unwittingly hamper the young people’s success. When one in three American children live their lives overweight, will Davion, Emily, Moy and KeAnna be able to achieve self-acceptance and a healthy lifestyle despite the obstacles in their way? (Dir. by Corbin Billings, 2014, USA, 80 mins., Not Rated)