Blancanieves is a wildly imaginative reinvention of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Snow White, one that refashions the beloved heroine as female bullfighter in 1920s Seville. Brought to life silent movie-style, and shot in gorgeous black and white, Spain’s official entry for the Foreign Language Film Academy Award is a charming love letter to early European cinema, fiery flamenco rhythms and gothic folklore. Antonio, a famous matador, is gored by a bull; his wife dies during childbirth. Now crippled, Antonio marries his wicked nurse, who confines him to an upstairs room and treats his daughter, Blancanieves, like a lowly servant. Eventually, Blancanieves escapes and joins up with a clan of dwarfs. When they discover her talent as a bullfighter she becomes a sensation, but her jealous stepmother quickly begins plotting the young woman’s downfall. Director Pablo Berger has created a highly unique, visually dazzling film experience, turbo-charging the language of silent film with thrilling music and dance sequences scored by Alfonso de Vilallonga, and effortlessly shifting in tone from comedic to tragic, knowingly campy to genuinely frightening. Macarena García won the Best Actress Award at the San Sebastián Film Festival for her bright and sexy portrayal of the adult Blancanieves, and Maribel Verdú (Y Tu Mama Tambien) is a true villain for the ages as the wicked stepmother. (Dir. by Pablo Berger, 2013, Spain, in Spanish with subtitles, 104 mins., Not Rated, Cohen Media) Digital