Blood Diner


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“A tacky hoot, Blood Diner is a trip to the outer limits of cinematic lunacy.”- Birth. Movies. Death.

“First they greet you, then they eat you!” A pair of obnoxious cannibal brothers run a health food diner where the patrons are also on the menu in this massively trashy and absurdly gory ‘80s horror/comedy that gives the term “eating out” a whole new meaning! Originally envisioned as a straight-up horror sequel to Herschell Gordon Lewis’ infamous 1963 splatter flick, Blood Feast, Blood Diner instead took a sharp detour into truly “out-there” territory to become a demented comedy aiming to stimulate the gag reflex. Ostensibly about two goofball brothers, Michael and George Tutman, who use their diner as a front to lure and then chop up female patrons for their various body parts, all in the hopes of resurrecting a vicious Egyptian goddess named Sheetar at a ceremonious “Blood Buffet,” what really kicks Blood Diner into high Mondo gear is the sheer, unrelenting absurdity of it all. Characters randomly switch accents, people are decapitated with brooms, a major character is presented as nothing but a talking, disembodied brain with googly eyes, and, in a cinema first (and probably, last), we’re treated to a highly unnecessary nude aerobics class massacre! Silly, gory and offensive in all the right ways, Blood Diner is like a delicious 5 Star meal that just won’t quite stay down. (Dir. by Jackie Kong, 1987, USA, 88mins., Not Rated)