Blood Diner

Blood Diner


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Get ready to chow down on FREAKY FOOD MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring a mouth-watering menu of delicious B-movies smothered in extra cheese!

“First they greet you, then they eat you!” A pair of obnoxious cannibal brothers run a health food diner where the patrons are also on the menu in this deliciously trashy and absurdly gory ‘80s horror/comedy that gives the term “fine dining” a whole new meaning!  Blood Diner follows the exploits of the Namtut brothers, two oddball siblings who operate the most popular restaurant in town. But their unsuspecting patrons have no idea that the joint’s delicious dishes contain the tastiest bits of the victims of the brothers’ after-hours sorcery. Possessed by the spirit of their demonic uncle Anwar (who is actually just a cranky, disembodied, telepathic brain floating in a mason jar), the boys are attempting to resurrect the ancient and deadly Sheetar, goddess of blood and lust, through ridiculous rituals of cannibalism, and that’s when things REALLY start getting weird. Throw in a feud between vegetarian eateries, a ventriloquist dummy in a cowboy hat, and a title bout wrestling match against reigning champ Jimmy Hitler, and you’ve got yourself a big ol’ bowl of B-movie madness that really hits the spot! A direct-to-video schlock-terpiece from the director of Night Patrol! (Dir. by Jackie Kong, 1987, USA, 88mins., Not Rated)

1 HR 28 MIN | NR

Released 1987
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