Blood Feast

Blood Feast


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Take cover during BAD BLOOD MONTH at Monday Mondays, featuring a boatload of bloody B-movies that will get you good and splattered!

“Nothing so appalling in the annals of horror!”  Get ready to chow down on this, the world’s first-ever splatter flick, and the most unhinged effort from notorious B-movie maniac Herschell Gordon Lewis – the hilariously grody 1963 gore-fest, Blood Feast!  Suburban Miami housewife Dorothy Fremont is looking to throw a party unlike any other, and she gets more than she bargained for when she hires a sinister caterer named Fuad Ramses. Promising to provide her guests with an authentic Egyptian feast, Ramses promptly sets about acquiring the necessary ingredients, which just so happen to be the body parts of unsuspecting young women. An inept police detective tries to track him down before the feast can begin, but Ramses is on a roll, and no one is safe from his wild over-acting and sharp kitchen utensils. Will Dorothy’s daughter, the under-acting Playboy Playmate Connie Mason, become the final ingredient in this horrific Blood Feast? A wild and cheap camp fest featuring a host of stomach-churning gore gags, including the infamous tongue sequence and much more nastiness besides, Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Blood Feast more than lives up to its name and remains essential viewing for any self-respecting splatter fan. (Dir. by Herschell Gordon Lewis, 1963, USA, 67 mins., Not Rated)

1 HR 7 MIN | NR

Released 1963
Blood Feast Trailer Trailer
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