Blood Rage

Blood Rage


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Get ready to chow down on FREAKY FOOD MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring a mouth-watering menu of delicious B-movies smothered in extra cheese!

“This Thanksgiving, it’s not cranberry sauce!” This hilariously trashy turkey day slasher flick goes straight to the head of the dinner table of terror thanks to a tasty menu of sleaze, gore and full-flavored ‘80s absurdity. Filmed in 1983, but not released until 1987 (always a VERY good sign), Blood Rage revolves around twin brothers, Todd and Terry.  As kids, Terry murders a teen couple at a drive-in (don’t ask why), and, being a dutiful twin, Todd takes the blame and gets sent to a mental institution. Ten years later, Todd escapes and comes home for Thanksgiving dinner (without an invitation!) and a series of gruesome murders ensue, with an all-around sense of confusion surrounding which twin is really the axe-wielding maniac and which one is just trying to finish his cornbread stuffing. Shot primarily at a strange apartment complex in sunny Florida, Blood Rage is a hugely entertaining mess that shows just what happens when you combine 1970s TV sitcom star Louise Lasser as a kooky mom, a killer synth score, and a bunch of truly outrageous gore effects, all served up on a bloody plate of holiday family dysfunction. A true turkey day anti-classic. (Dir. by John Grissmer, 1987, USA, 82 mins., Not Rated)

1 HR 24 MIN | R

Released 1987
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