Blood Wedding & Suite Flamenca


Two distinct works – Blood Wedding and Suite Flamenca – combine for an incredible and combustible performance from the Teatro Real in Madrid, Spain. The passion, color and rhythm of the flamenco envelope the viewer in this classic of Spanish dance.
In 1974 Antonio Gades would take a huge step forward for Spanish dance with the creation of his ballet Blood Wedding, or Bodas de Sangre, based on the play by Federico García Lorca, who in turn was inspired by the news of an incident that took place in Nijar in 1928. It was adapted for ballet by Alfredo Mañas, who had already collaborated with Antonio ten years prior in Don Juan. The Company, which at that time had under twenty members, would be in charge of staging the work, and the venue chosen for the world premiere would be the Olympic Theatre in Rome, on 2 April 1974. As regards the ballet, the dancer/choreographer said: “With Blood Wedding I wanted to pay homage to the poet, though I had to go to Rome for its premiere. I was born into a Mediterranean culture, which is a culture of jealousy, love and death that doesn’t just exist in dance, but also in literature and painting and other arts. A sense of tragedy is always present. Blood Wedding is really a Spanish story, a tragedy imbued with folklore. I’ve always been interested in Lorca’s work, mainly because it describes the density and intentions of the Andalusian people in depth.” (Total running time: 105 mins., Not Rated) Digital