Bloodsuckers from Outer Space

Bloodsuckers from Outer Space


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Take cover during BAD BLOOD MONTH at Monday Mondays, featuring a boatload of bloody B-movies that will get you good and splattered!

“Nobody can escape these bloodsuckers!” A mysterious and invisible alien presence has landed in rural Texas, and it’s just raring to turn the local townsfolk into pasty-faced, bloodthirsty monsters!  As the local authorities begin to investigate the strange and violent goings on, a photographer and his girlfriend find themselves trapped in the midst of an unexpected rural bloodbath, which seeks to transform them into another pair of bloodsuckers from outer space! A low budget, low rent, bad taste horror comedy from writer/director Glen Coburn, Blood Suckers from Outer Space is an affectionately trashy homage to ‘50s create features filled with bargain basement production values, questionable acting and gooey homemade gore that makes this silly slice of Z-grade hokum an eye popping (and brain rotting) adventure in regional genre filmmaking. (Dir. by Glen Coburn, 1984, USA, 79 mins., Rated R)

1 HR 19 MIN | R

Released 1984
Bloodsuckers from Outer Space Trailer Trailer
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