Blue My Mind


A mysterious young woman dives headfirst into the hell that is high school, all while undergoing a radical and uncontrollable transformation of her own, in this hypnotic and visceral coming-of-age tale combing teenage rebellion and body horror.

“From top to tails, it’s a haunting and poignant film, alive with beauty, pain, and heart.” – Kristy Puchko, Riot Material

Drawing from the classic sexual awakening of Brian De Palma’s Carrie and the angst of femme-centric monster movies like Ginger Snaps, writer/director Lisa Brühlmann’s debut feature follows Mia, the new kid in high school, alienated from her classmates and at odds with her frustrated parents. Eventually her tough attitude wins favor with a trio of neighborhood “Heathers” as she explores with wild abandon the usual youth cocktail of sex, drugs and crime. The queen of the clique, Gianna, begins to crush on Mia just as she spirals out and begins a terrifying physical transformation. Mia is completely unaware that inside of her is a genetic time-bomb about to explode. Life will never be the same again. A beautiful balancing act that effortlessly skips between tones, Blue My Mind makes for a singular, shocking, raucous, poignant and heartbreaking look at one’s unavoidable destiny. (Dir. by Lisa Brühlmann, 2017, Switzerland, in Swiss German with English subtitles, 97 mins., Not Rated). Other festivals: Fantastic Fest; Seattle; Zurich | Arizona Premiere