Blue Sunshine


“Did you ever hears the words Blue Sunshine? Try to remember … your life may depend on it!”

What happens when a bunch of ’60s hippie college kids make it to the ’70s, only to find that a bad dose of LSD they ingested back in the day is now taking them on, like, a real bum trip, and turning them into bald, flipped out, ping pong ball-eyed psychopaths with a thing for stress-induced murder? Well my friend, you’ve just been taken a hit of Blue Sunshine, one of the wackiest anti-drug horror flicks of a decade known for extreme wackiness. Man, so maybe THIS is what really happened to Jerry Garcia …
It’s 1977, and twenty-something Jerry Zipkin (buy-eyed actor-turned-filmmaker Zalman King, creator of The Red Shoe Diaries) is trying to have a good time. He graduated from Stanford University in 1968, but hasn’t had much luck getting his life in order since then. One night Jerry attends a party with a few old college buddies, and is shocked when one of them suddenly loses all his hair in a single lump and goes on a bloody rampage. Due to a series of unfortunate incidents, Jerry is named as a key suspect in the bizarre crime, and he sets out to find out what happened. Soon he’s unraveling a freaky conspiracy involving seemingly normal people who are flipping out and going on murder sprees – in each case, the killers had attended Stanford in the late ’60s, and had all used a tainted strain of LSD called “Blue Sunshine.” Oh yeah, and they’ve all lost their hair and are now wearing a ridiculous array of wigs, toupees and dead beavers on their heads to “blend in.” But Jerry knows better than to trust any of his old college classmates, and as he races to discover who’s responsible for that bad acid and why, he must survive an onslaught of truly messed up killers who can lose their cool (along with their hair) at any moment.
Highly original and highly insane, Blue Sunshine, from cult film director Jeff Lieberman (Squirm), features such ludicrous delights as a bald babysitter freaking out and attacking two children with a butcher knife because they want more soda, people being shoved into a lit fireplace and a shocking final showdown set in a shopping mall disco. What the hell was going on in the ’70s????