BMX Bandits


“A High Flying Ride to Adventure!”

From the director of Stunt Rock and Dead-End Drive In comes this totally awesome ‘80s Aussie action comedy about three BMX-riding pals who stumble across a cache of stolen police walkie-talkies, which they decide to sell for new BMX gear (good thinking!). Unfortunately, the radios had originally been swiped by a gang of murderous (but still kind of bumbling) gang of bank robbers, leading to all sorts of hijinks, bike stunts and cheezy synth music as the bad guys chase the teenagers through every single graveyard, shopping mall, construction site and waterpark in South Wales, in hopes of getting their stolen goods back. Can PJ, Goose and Judy (a poofy-haired Nicole Kidman, in her very first movie appearance) evade the criminals AND keep their bikes looking totally rad? Fueled by a parade of ridiculously garish costumes (check out Nicole’s hot pink BMX suit), insane chase sequences (all seemingly informed by the specific mandate: “Put BMX bikes where BMX bikes don’t belong. Do something crazy. Move on to next chase scene.”), silly comedy (uh oh, here comes “obnoxious fat kid,” who is actually listed in the credits as “Fat Kid”) and an overall sense of goofy implausibility (the villains actually have real guns and working automobiles, and yet can’t ever seem to whack those damned kids on their bikes!), BMX Bandits is fast and furious fun that refuses to acknowledge the existence of that lame thing called “reality.” (Dir. by Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1983, Australia, 88 mins., Rated PG) Digital