Boogie Nights

New 70mm Print!

Boogie Nights


General Admission: $12 | Loft Members: $10

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Boogie on down to The Loft Cinema and experience Paul Thomas Anderson’s classic adult fairy tale Boogie Nights on the big screen, presented for the first time in glorious 70mm! This new 70mm film print has been struck from the original 1997 camera negative.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s sprawling, exhilarating, crazy-quilt love letter to late ‘70s excess is an epic story tracking the meteoric rise of a super-stud porn star through the golden age of the adult film industry. Eddie Adams, aka “Dirk Diggler” (Mark Wahlberg), is a high school dropout-turned-porn star whose “big talent” sets his career on a dizzying upward trajectory thanks to the guidance of adult-movie kingpin Rick Horner (Burt Reynolds). Featuring a brilliant, Altman-esque ensemble cast, Boogie Nights paints an expansive mosaic of life in the X-rated movie business, as Diggler’s new surrogate “family” – nurturing porn queen Amber Waves (Julianne Moore), sweetly pathetic boom operator Scotty J. (Philip Seymour Hoffman), not-so-innocent ingénue Roller Girl (Heather Graham), etc. – rides high in the anything-goes late ‘70s, before devastating personal narratives and historic shifts in the cultural landscape render them has-beens in the Reagan-era ‘80s. Both intimate and epic in tone, Boogie Nights is an electrifying homage to the art and chaos of making movies, a tribute to the families we create and a clear-eyed look at America’s slide from the innocent hedonism of the 1970s into the darker realities of the 1980s. (Dir. by Paul Thomas Anderson, 1997, USA, 155 mins., Rated R)

Presented in 70mm! With a greater aspect ratio and higher resolution than 35mm celluloid, 70mm is sharper, richer and more immersive – the ultimate in film projection. 

2 HR 36 MIN | R

Released 1997
Boogie Nights Trailer Trailer
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