Borderland: The Line Within

Borderland: The Line Within


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Featuring a Q&A with director Pamela Yates and producer Paco de Onís!

The United States border is not just a geographic location. The border is everywhere.
It lies within every undocumented immigrant family with the threat that at any moment they can be captured, incarcerated, deported; their lives destroyed. BORDERLAND | The Line Within not only exposes the profitable business of immigration and its human cost, but weaves together the stories of immigrant heroines and heroes resisting and showing a way forward, intent on building a movement in the shadow of the border industrial complex, recognizing the human rights of all.
Paco de Onís is the Executive Director and Pamela is the co-founder of Skylight, a human rights media organization dedicated to strengthening social justice movements through cinematic storytelling and catalyzing collaborative networks of artists and activists. In many ways BORDERLAND brings the saga of Skylight’s Guatemala trilogy–WHEN THE MOUNTAINS TREMBLE (1983), GRANITO (2011), and 500 YEARS (2017)–full circle back to the U.S. From the impact of U.S. foreign policy that backed brutal regimes leading to the root causes of migration, to the present situation of mass migration from Central America.

L to R: Saba, Giovanni Batz, Kaxh Mura’l and Francisco Chávez  Photo credit: Juan Hernández (Dir. by Pamela Yates, 2024, USA, 110 mins., NR)

This is a rental of The Loft Cinema, presented by the DocScapes Film Series.

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