Part of The Films of Taika Waititi

A portion of the proceeds from this screening will benefit the Christchurch Shooting Victims’ Fund, supporting those affected by the Canterbury shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Set during the summer of 1984 in a rural Maori community on the east coast of New Zealand, Taika Waititi’s charming and heartfelt Boy follows the adventures of eleven-year-old pop culture fanatic, “Boy” (newcomer James Rolleston).

“Taika Waititi’s Boy is a charmer – a funny and affecting coming-of-age story rendered with heart and with nuttiness.” – Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

With his mother dead and his father AWOL, Boy becomes the head of a household full of kids when his Nana leaves town for a funeral. Boy is also prone to vivid fantasies about his long-absent father (played by Waititi), whom he imagines as an adventurous world traveler. But when his father unexpectedly rolls up in a vintage car with his Crazy Horses gang, Boy discovers that his dad is instead a loveable loser who has been serving a seven-year sentence for robbery – an inveterate schemer whose daydreams are no more grounded in reality than those of his son. Over this one crazy summer, Boy’s life is turned upside down with treasure hunts, fistfights and falling-outs, and our young hero must grapple with the reality of why his Dad left the family so long ago. Even more importantly, he must also cross the threshold into adulthood, proving himself both strong enough and smart enough to live a better life than his dad’s. Propelled by a fanciful and deadpan comedic tone that comes equipped with fantasy sequences, child-like animations and hilarious re-enactments of Michael Jackson music videos, Taika Waititi’s Boy is one of the most creative and fun coming-of-age films of all-time. (Dir. by Taika Waititi, 2010, New Zealand, in English/Maori with English subtitles, 88 mins., Not Rated)