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Boycotts have long been a tool used by Americans rallying for political change, from civil rights leaders to anti-apartheid activists. But in recent years, over 30 states have introduced anti-boycott legislation designed to penalize individuals undertaking boycotts against Israel. A look at the cases of a publisher, attorney, and teacher whose careers are threatened by the harsh measures of these new laws.

Attendees are encouraged to arrive early to meet community partners and learn about their work. After the film screening, there will be a live Q&A with Mik Jordahl, an attorney who launched one of the first lawsuits challenging the anti-boycott laws in the country and whose story is featured in Boycott; Darrell Hill, Policy Director at the ACLU of Arizona, the legal team that defended Mik; and Julia Bacha, Just Vision’s Creative Director and the Director of Boycott.

This event is a rental of The Loft Cinema by the ACLU of Arizona.

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