35mm Print!

Buster Keaton’s The Cameraman


Don’t miss this special family-friendly Essential Cinema screening of Buster Keaton’s classic 1928 silent comedy, The Cameraman, presented on 35mm! Includes the hilarious 1920 Keaton short, One Week, before the feature!

“Raucous fun, and one of Keaton’s most impressively self-reflexive films.” – Eric Henderson, Slant

In this hilarious 1928 silent comedy, the legendary Buster Keaton explores the art of cinematography and the rollercoaster of romance, playing a hapless Hollywood cameraman whose misadventures in work AND love cause an explosion of crazed, expertly-choreographed chaos! Filled with technical innovations, physical acrobatics, on-screen romance, and even an exuberant monkey, The Cameraman was Keaton’s first film for MGM, as well as the last film in which the innovative actor/director had full creative control. Here, “The Great Stone Face” falls madly in love with a beautiful woman (Marceline Day) working at MGM Studios, and so naturally he tries to impress her by becoming a motion picture cameraman. The problem is, it’s a lot harder than he thought, and the accident-prone Keaton just can’t stay out of harm’s way, leading to a wild onslaught of zany hijinks. Can he win the girl and keep the camera rolling without burning Hollywood to the ground? Keaton himself considered The Cameraman to be one of his very best films, and this riotously self-reflexive take on Keaton’s own movie career as the silent era was coming to an end became a huge box-office hit as well, generating the actor/director’s highest grosses to date. (Dir. by Edward Sedgwick and Buster Keaton, 1928, USA, silent, 76 mins., Not Rated/Suitable for all ages)

PLUSOne Week (Dir. by Edward F. Kline and Buster Keaton, 1920, USA, silent, 25 mins., Not Rated/Suitable for all ages). Buster and Sybil are newlyweds, and one of their wedding gifts is a prefabricated portable house that can be put together in a week. Unfortunately, Buster’s rival for Sybil’s affections has sabotaged the homebuilding instructions, and things spiral out of control.