This month, Mondo Mondays proudly celebrates the career of B-movie muscleman, REB BROWN, star of Yor: Hunter from the Future, and so much more.   Get ready for way too much screaming, punching and t-shirt tearing!

“Highly recommended for those who absolutely relish unintentionally funny, bad action movies best watched in the company of inebriated friends.” – Quipster’s Movie Reviews

“Only the winner gets out alive!” Bad Movie Math lesson: Reb Brown plus Lou Ferrigno, plus a ridiculous script, divided by illegal cage fighting, multiplied by teary eyes and bloody knuckles, equals fun for the whole family! In Cage, an uncomfortably hilarious blend of heartfelt drama and bonehead action, Lou Ferrigno plays Billy, a gentle giant of a muscle-bound Vietnam vet who opens a bar with his former Nam buddy, Scott (Reb Brown), the man whose life Billy saved during the war. After their bar burns down, Billy and Scott try to find a way to raise the money to rebuild, and through a series of ludicrous plot twists, Billy is convinced, and later forced, into becoming an illegal Cage Fighter by mean mobsters. Soon, a gun-toting Scott is desperately trying to save his pal from The Cage, but will he be forced to face his former savior in that dreaded Cage? If the “Marvel-ous” sight of TV’s Incredible Hulk (Ferrigno) pairing up with TV’s Captain America (Brown, whose stint in spandex was much shorter-lived than Ferrigno’s) to strip down and oil up in a series of badly-staged cage fights isn’t enough to get your bad movie juices flowing, how about seeing these two slabs of man meat tearfully expressing their platonic love for one another during a backyard weightlifting session, and then indulging in a “best buddies” montage sequence scored to a sappy ‘80s love ballad? Come on! (Dir. by Lang Elliott, 1989, USA, 100 mins., Rated R)