Cannibal Girls


“These girls do exactly what you think they do!”

A gaggle of groovy gals fall hard off the diet wagon when they start chowing down on high calorie Canadian tourists in this infamous debut film from Hollywood bigshot Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters), starring SCTV’s Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin! In Cannibal Girls, future comedy stars Levy and Martin play an ultra-square couple who decide, for some reason, to vacation in the creepy small town of Farnhamville. Checking in to a seedy hotel, they are persuaded by the manager to dine at local restaurant that was once the site of legendary horrors involving three nubile cannibal farm girls who lured unsuspecting visitors to their home in order to eat them. Are the legends true? Will our uptight heroes fall victim to the trio of hungry honeys and their weird cannibal cult leader? Or will the cannibal girls go vegetarian and just forget the whole thing? A truly odd concoction of Canadian weirdness, Cannibal Girls is a sometimes scary, occasionally unsettling and always absurd horror flick that plays a bit like an SCTV spoof of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre mixed with a handful of hallucinogens and seasoned with the juice of early ‘70s sexploitation flicks like The Stewardesses. Featuring some truly terrifying fashion decisions and pretty much none of the slick comedy mojo that director Ivan Reitman would later display in his Hollywood hits like Stripes and Ghostbusters, this goofy horror time capsule also dared to feature one of the silliest promotional gimmicks of the ‘70s with “The Terror Warning Bell,” wherein a loud clanging bell would sound during “certain scenes of an especially erotic or gruesome nature,” for the protection of those with “a prudish or squeamish disposition.” Gee, thanks. (Dir. by Ivan Reitman, 1973, Canada, 84 mins., Rated R) Digital