Carnosaur 2


“Extinction is a Thing of the Past!” In this gory Roger Corman-produced monster mash, which manages to simultaneously rip-off both Jurassic Park and Aliens, a group of would-be rescuers are trapped in an underground government nuclear facility, where they become bloody prey for genetically altered dinosaurs with bad tempers and big teeth.  After having famously beaten Jurassic Park to theatres by several months in 1993 with his low-budget dino flick, Carnosaur, Corman beat Park’s sequel, The Lost World, to the punch with this crazed “Part 2” that takes his rampaging, DNA-twisted creatures in a whole new gory direction (one of those directions being the “straight to video” market, which is home-sweet-home for this kind of dino trash).   In Carnosaur 2, Major Tom McQuade (Cliff De Young, Dr. Giggles) and a gruff trouble-shooter named Jack Reed (John Savage, The Deer Hunter) must lead a military rescue team to investigate a distress call from a secret underground compound.   By the time they arrive, all of the scientists in the compound are dead, but there is one survivor – an annoying teenager named Jesse.   And the group is soon in double trouble: a radioactive plutonium leak in the compound is threatening to turn them all into toxic sludge, and they are trapped inside by a gang of pissed-off velociraptors who were created by a mad scientist at a Nevada poultry factory (essentially making these dinos a bunch of  “cluck-osauruses” .. don’t ask).   Before you know it, wooden actors are being munched into bloody pâté, heads are rolling and the over-sized dinosaur puppets are delivering the best performances in the movie.   Can one sulky teenager with a fork-lift figure out how to speed up the dinosaur’s extinction?   Well, here’s a hint: there’s a Carnosaur 3 out there, so just take a guess! (Dir. by Louis Morneau, 1995, USA, 83 mins., Rated R)