Chained Heat


Mondo Mondays celebrates the exploitation classics of Exorcist-star LINDA BLAIR, and it’s guaranteed to have your head spinning!

“White Hot Desire Melts Cold Prison Steel!” Linda Blair ends up in the slammer and finds out that life behind bars is no picnic in the park thanks to all the sadistic socializing that happens when you’re part of Chained Heat! In this supremely trashy ‘80s women-in-prison flick, Blair (who also did hard time as a teenager in the infamous ‘70s TV movie, Born Innocent) plays Carol Henderson, a nice young woman who is sentenced to 18 months in prison after accidentally killing a man.

“An all-star trash epic filled with hilarious grunge and sleaze … so stupefying and completely outrageous that words can’t describe it.” – Mondo Digital

Not surprisingly (at least not to exploitation film fans), the prison turns out to be a hellish hotbed boiling over with decadence, corruption and constant showering. Whenever she’s not battling the other inmates, like the wicked cellblock sadist Erica (Sybil Danning, Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf) or the tough-as-leather gang leader Duchess (Tamara Dobson, Cleopatra Jones), or the scummy staff, including the psychotically uptight Captain Taylor (Stella Stevens, The Poseidon Adventure) or the nasty Warden Bacman (John Verson, aka Dean Wormer from Animal House!), Carol spends her free time trying to solve murders, leading prison riots, and planning her escape. A highly-entertaining hootenanny of sleazy sex, vicious violence and greasy prison hijnks, all led by the unstoppable Ms. Blair, Chained Heat is hot trash done right! (Dir. by Paul Nicolas, 1983, USA, 95 min., Rated R)