“Gonzo … a far-out, wacky and inadvertently hilarious trash cinema comedy that’s definitely one-of-a-kind.” – Trash Cinema Collective

“The Story of a Woman Who Has a Hilarious Way of Expressing Herself.” A mild-mannered hairdresser is thrust into the showbiz spotlight when she discovers a surprising anatomical anomaly – she has a talking, singing, wisecracking vagina named Virginia that wants to be famous! In this truly unbelievable musical comedy from the swinging ‘70s, young Penelope Pittman (Candice Rialson, Hollywood Boulevard) realizes she has her very own “chatterbox” when it loudly criticizes her boyfriend’s lovemaking skills and displays a lovely singing voice (a voice that often sounds uncomfortably like Joan Rivers), and before you know it, Penelope and Virginia are on the road to stardom – baffling the scientific community, charming the media, becoming feminist icons, appearing on The Dating Game, scoring Top 40 disco hits and starring in their very own Hollywood musical! All Penelope wants is to find true love, but Virginia has bigger plans for the two of them … can they put aside their differences and find happiness? A bona-fide bizarro oddity from the decade that would try anything once, Chatterbox is a goofy R-rated comedy that’s naughty but not dirty (in a hilariously misguided attempt to be the first-ever “mainstream” talking vagina movie?), featuring dumb jokes, wacky musical numbers (get ready to learn how to dance the “Wang Dang Doodle”) and weirdest of all, the confetti-throwing Gong Show comedian, Rip Taylor! Yes, this is a real movie. (Dir. by Tom DeSimone, 1977, USA, 73 mins., Rated R)